Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Minrova Consulting and Training Ltd. (hereinafter: “Minrova”) is committed to maintaining the privacy of its customers and users of its Web site and ensuring the safe, controlled and supervised use of information provided to it. Accessing and / or using the Website constitutes your approval of Minrova’s privacy policy, including the controlled uses of Minrova in the information provided to it by its customers. In any case, Minrova will not make any use of the information except in accordance with the provisions of any law and in accordance with the provisions of this document.


Information provided to Minrova by its customers is used solely for the purpose of its name. Minrova takes care of the security of the information and none of it is visible or exposed to anyone except Minrova employees who are confident of the transaction. Minrova does not disclose any information to the third party under any circumstances, except in the event of the need to approve remote credit transactions paid by credit card, then only the details required for the transaction will be disclosed and only to a qualified representative at the credit card transaction center.

Use of information to send offers

Minrova securely maintains information provided to it by its customers and aggregate statistical information about them and uses it from time to time for segmented delivery of special offers to purchase products and services as well as notices about new products and services. This mailing is done sparingly via regular mail and / or e-mail. A customer who has given Minrova his or her e-mail address and / or if he has sent a message to Minrova’s e-mail address, Minrova will see him as having given his consent to submit the above offers. A customer who does not wish to receive such mailing will notify Minrowe in any way he thinks fit (telephone, fax, e-mail and regular mail) and Minrova will act immediately and without delay to remove it from any mailing list and refrain from submitting offers in the future.

Use of statistical information

Minrova collects and processes information provided to it and / or information collected on its websites automatically for statistical purposes for internal use by Minrova employees only. Use is in accordance with the provisions of each law and in accordance with the provisions of this document and in each case does not include identifying details.

Provision of information under a judicial order

Minrova will disclose any information in its possession and which it requires under a judicial order.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

Minrova may periodically make changes and updates to the Privacy Policy.