Min Taq Taq

A collection of Arabic idioms

by R. Berman, Edited by C. Bandak

Hardcover | 272 pages

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Idioms and idiomatic expressions are the key to learning and speaking a language.

Min Taq Taq is a collection of more than 1,800 unique Arabic idioms in the Palestinian colloquial (spoken) dialect. This book — the first of its kind — will enable students of Arabic to learn idiomatic Arabic expressions quickly, thoroughly, and systematically in order to help them better communicate in Palestinian Arabic as if they were a native Arabic speaker.

Min Taq Taq organizes the idioms into two sections: the first section includes idioms in groups that are based around a similar theme (e.g. fate) and the second section groups idioms around a common word that they literally use in the idioms itself (e.g. eye). Min Taq Taq uses a new and unique transliteration that will allow any English speaker the ability to intuitively pronounce the Arabic words without knowing any Arabic letters. This book will be incredibly valuable for beginners as well as advanced students of spoken Arabic.