product return policy


Dear customer,

Thank you for purchasing one of Minerva Publishing House’s books. You may regret your purchase and return or exchange any products you have purchased, without explanations, and receive an alternative product or refund of your choice, subject to the terms set out below:

Minerva customers may return or exchange products and receive a refund or replacement product within 14 days of purchase, subject to the following terms:

A. The product was purchased directly from Minerva: at its offices in Jerusalem, at its sales booths, through its website, by telephone, or through a representative on its behalf.

B. Product Returns – The customer will deliver / ship to Minerva adjacent to the product that returns the original invoice received from Minerva at the time of purchase.

C. The product is not used and is returned in new condition, without any defect when packaged as sold, in original and closed plastic packaging.

A customer who wishes to return or exchange will return the product to Minerva directly to its office at 15 Sokolov St. in Jerusalem or alternatively by shipping the product in its original packaging to: Minerva Publishing House, PO Box 7023 Jerusalem 9107001.
Return the product to Minerva, directly to the office or by mail, at the customer’s expense.
Upon receipt of the returned product and subject to the foregoing Terms A, Minerva will refund the Customer the Purchase Amount, minus the Shipping Fee (if actually paid), or replace the Product with another at the Customer’s choice or refund his money as set out below:

A. When purchasing with one credit card – by credit card, in one installment.

B. When purchasing with a credit card in installments – by crediting the card through which the charge was made in the same number of payments as was required.

C. Purchase by check – Refund by check.

D. If the purchase was by check, it will be returned to the customer.

E. Purchase by cash – Refund by check.

A product purchased at another store/ network/ vendor must be returned directly to it in accordance with its return policy.
Notwithstanding the foregoing, no returns will be accepted and no defective goods purchased will be exchanged.