Terms of use

Terms of use

1. General

1.1. The Minerva Publishing House website (hereinafter: the “Website”) is intended to present to the Internet user an up-to-date information on Minerva Publishing Books and the options available for purchase.

1.2 The site is owned by Minerva Consulting and Training Ltd. (hereinafter: “Minerva”).

1.3 Use of the Website is subject to the user’s consent to the Terms of Use. Please read all sections of the document carefully. In case of disagreement with the Terms of Use, please leave the site immediately and make no use of it.

1.4 Minerva does not warrant that the information on the site will be updated at all times, and there may be a delay in updating the information.

1.5 Use of the information contained in the Website will be at the user’s sole responsibility. The information and articles contained on the site reflect the opinion of their authors and Minerva will not be held responsible for the use of this information.

2. Copyright
Minerva is careful to maintain its copyright, and is taking steps to prevent it from being infringed. Please refer to the copyright page.

3. Privacy Policy

3.1 Minerva takes care to maintain the privacy of the site’s users in accordance with the privacy policy set out on the Privacy Policy page. Please refer to this page.

3.2 Use of the Website is subject to agreement with this policy.

5. Update Terms and Prices
Minerva may change from time to time and at its sole discretion the prices, tariffs, terms of supply and any other information appearing on the Site, without the need for prior notice.

6. Cancel a transaction
You may cancel a transaction in accordance with the Returns and Replacement Policy.

7. Site integrity and availability

7.1 Minerva does not warrant that the Site will be available at any time and will not be liable for any damage you may cause as a result of the site being unavailable as a result of malfunctions and / or site maintenance work.

7.2 Minerva reserves the right to close the Website at any time, in its sole discretion and without prior notice.

8. Changes

Minerva reserves the right to make changes to the Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and Copyright Policy, in its sole discretion and without prior notice.